Amanullah Khan (2/10)

Amanullah Khan is the personification of Pakistan’s standup comedy theater. Comedy in the mainstream media of Pakistan has been a relatively newer development, but the theater performances have almost always been comedy related. He is an idol of the theater performers, and TV and film actors alike. Although this form of comedy has frequently come under fire for being offensive and obnoxious, but considering the majority of the target audiences, there seems to be no slowing down of this brand of comedy. Amanullah Khan has been keeping his performances quality oriented and because of that he has not only earned millions of fans but also the respect and praise of his fans and critics alike. His eccentric appearance and his complete comfort with his social background allow him to create jokes out of thin air that leaves his audiences in stitches. These days he is in a recurring performance on ‘Khabarzar’ on Aap News channel.

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