Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – when photographers didn’t behave (3/10)

The beautiful former Miss World is not unknown for her snide reactions whenever provoked. She has had the diva image in the industry for a long time, but despite efforts the media worms have yet to find her guilty of snapping back. The adored heroine has stood the test of time as well in her behavior as she has in her looks. In 2009, she became the first Goodwill Ambassador for Smile Train. On the inaugural event of the organization, when reporters continued to flash cameras to take photos of the actress with adorable children, it ended up scaring many small girls. Aishwarya kept asking the photographers to stand a bit farther and control their hustle bustle but they did not listen.

Eventually some children started to cry, and that’s when our beloved Paaro lost her cool. She took a few steps forward and addressed the photographers in a grave tone. “We belong to the industry where you take our pictures and we are used to it, but these children are getting scared because they are not. Stand back, as I have told you many times.” This eventually made the cameramen behave and they stopped their loud rustle bustle. That’s when Aishwarya sat down on her knees, pulled little girls closer to her and they all had a happy photo shoot.

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