Aaloo ka Paratha (3/10)

If justice is to be done to this delectable food it needs to be called Aalo da Parantha. Paratha, shallow fried flatbread, itself is an Indian dish eaten with almost all gravy based spicy dishes, and sometimes just with tea or lassi – which is also on our list. Aaloo is the local name for potato, so this is basically a flatbread, filled with mashed potatoes along with a number of spices and condiments. Potatoes are boiled and then after peeling they are mashed with chopped onion and green chillies, and finely chopped coriander. The spices including black pepper, dry mango powder, and garam masala are added. Aaloo da parantha is a routine breakfast for the denizens of Indian Punjab, who are traditionally known for strenuous physical activity in the agricultural fields. This flatbread is packed with carbohydrates to maintain body sugar level and energy for quite some time, allowing for much physical exertion. Sometimes, a dash of butter is also added on the top of these paranthas before serving.

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