Koi Chand Rakh (4/14)

Let me say this phrase – poor orphaned girl friendzones the good guy! That’s it, there’s the story, and everything else is cut and edited to fit into this dynamic. First of all the title of the drama itself is too dramatic, but it’s appropriate since the whole story line is rather dragged. And when it’s not slow it’s jumpy. Everyone likes everyone, everyone has some sort of confusion with the person they are with, and everyone has something to prove to everyone else. It was 2018, for God’s sake, a simple mobile phone conversation could have let Zain know that the girl he likes is Nishaal, and another simple phone call could have killed the ending where he would have known that Zia is not to be blamed. Also, we think it’s about time when alcoholism and drugs should not be the ultimate escape for all worries of Pakistani drama characters.

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